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ACT/SAT Prep Tutoring

Helping Students Improve Their ACT and SAT Test Scores

The ACT and SAT® college entrance exams are essential exams used in college admissions to measure a student’s preparedness for higher education. These college entrance exams usually are taken in junior year of high school, but testing plans vary according to student goals. It is important to perform well on these entrance exams, since these exams are a critical component in the admissions process for most colleges and universities. Scholarship awards are based on SAT® and ACT scores and are often a determining factor. At AMH Science and Math Tutoring, we create a comprehensive testing plan tailored to each student’s needs and aspirations. We offer expert ACT and SAT tutoring in Albuquerque, NM for college entrance exams and online.


ACT and SAT® Tutoring Includes:

  • Test prep consultation

  • Complete diagnostic before lessons

  • Official full-length practice tests

  • Performance analysis

  • Customized tutoring strategies

  • Individual strategies for pacing, goal setting, and test anxiety


SAT®'s vs. ACT's Exams

College admissions use SAT® and ACT exams interchangeably. Most universities and local state colleges give no preference to one exam over another in the admissions decision. At AMH Science and Math Tutoring, we think it makes sense to determine which test a student will likely perform better on, and focus on preparing for it. Contact us today to start online tutoring for the SAT or ACT.


About the ACT

The ACT test is a comprehensive curriculum-based education and career planning tool for high school students that measures a student’s ability to learn. The ACT consists of four sections: Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.


AMH Science and Math Tutoring provides online ACT Test prep services for students. We create a study plan customized only for you, designed to get you the biggest score improvements.

How We Can Help With ACT Exams

We create a week-by-week study plan customized specifically for you. By adapting content to your skill level, you always get questions and lessons that are the right level of challenging. Every part of our ACT test prep is designed to get you the biggest score improvement possible.

About the SAT®

Considered a reasoning test, the SAT® exam is designed to be a measure of college readiness. The exam includes Reading/Writing and Math sections, which are added together for a composite score. The SAT® also includes an optional essay which is not factored in the composite score.


How We Can Help With SAT® Exams

Our weekly study plan is designed to your needs. We provide full length tests that help measure your skill level and help identify areas that need improvement. Our online SAT Test prep is designed to help you:


  • Decrease test anxiety

  • Decrease the time it takes to answer questions

  • Increase confidence

  • Increase test scores


The Best Online ACT and SAT Tutoring Near You

If you are looking for the best online ACT and SAT tutoring services near you then look no further. Our passion for ACT/SAT test prep make us the best choice for residents of Albuquerque, NM. We offer  in person ACT and SAT tutoring services and online tutoring for ACT/SAT exams. Our flexibility to provide online tutoring services and our ability to travel allows us to provide you with reasonable and affordable tutoring solutions.

For more information about our ACT and SAT tutoring services contact us or call (443) 371-3232.

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